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During the last 6 month, the iPhone replica have become more and more popular. People are now Searching for a cheaper option from the Apple iPhone and are begining to research different phones every bit as much as they are interested in the alternative features at hand. Some of the areas to look into when looking for an iPhone replica are size, similarities, features and differences from the Apple iPhone.

Below is a partial comparison of the Apple iPhone and the i9 iPhone replica

iPhone Vs i9 iPhone Replica

Size: The size of the Apple iPhone 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3mm, to the size of the i9, the iPhone replica is a little bit smaller at 110 x 60 x 11.5 mm. The iPhone weighs in at 133 grams, where as the iPhone replica only weighs 100 grams.

Quad Band: If you don't know which you need, call your carrier or check their website. Both Mobile Phones provide Quad Band support, so they will work in almost every country in the world.

Java Supported?: One feature of the iPhone and the iPhone replica is that it supports Java 2.0. This means that you can download or use third party downloaded applications, and software. A few examples of this are Adobe, Word, MSM, etc.
Price: You already know that the Apple iPhone is incredibly expensive and retails at over $500 but the comparably inexpensive iPhone replicas usually go for around $100 and don't require a contract.

Features on The iPhone Replica: Finger touch phone that have the Shake and Tilt or "swing to the music" feature. Web browser, MP3 / MP4, Bluetooth, dual sim slots (two plans or phone numbers); FM radio; e book readers; digital camera and web cam. Nice phone that more than gets the job done and houses tons of features on the cheap. Dual sim slots are not featured on the Apple iPhone.

Features on The iPhone: The iPhone has all the features of the i9 iPhone replica apart from the Shake and Tilt feature. The Apple iPhone does have some differences over the i9 iPhone replica, but not many. The touch panel is bigger on the iPhone, but the iPhone replica is a smaller phone so the bigger touch panel wouldn't fit and lastly, the camera on the iPhone is 2.0MP and the iPhone replica has just less.

So, Which Phone Is Really Better?: This really depends on what you are looking for in a phone. If you've got the cash and don't mind staying with a certain network provider on a contract, I would go for the Apple iPhone, but if cash is the main factor or the chance to use the phone on pay as you go with the freedom on most network providers, you'll want the i9 iPhone replica.

The following website has more reviews along with where to buy the latest iPhone replicas and get a great price.

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